Why Attend

IEX USA offers opportunities to learn about the latest insulation innovations and see product demos. Whether you are seeking insulation for increased energy efficiency, fire stopping, personnel protection, to meet a certain system design, to increase your process efficiency, or extend the life of your equipment, the expo will feature products to give you a close-up view and specifics on the newest insulation products.

Held in Collaboration with NIA

The National Insulation Association’s Fall Summit and IEX USA are by the industry, for the industry.

NIA’s Fall Summit is an annual members-only event that includes topical speakers, open committee meetings, tailored industry sessions, and networking opportunities to develop new business relationships. Fall Summit is designed to “Educate, Engage, and Elevate,” by providing actionable content for attendees that companies can implement to improve their businesses.

New Products and Demos

See new products to transform your facility into one that is greener, cleaner and more efficient.

Those interested in getting a hands-on explanation of insulation for their applications will find everything they need at IEX USA. Manufacturers, distributors and fabricators showcase their products and services and share their knowledge on how insulation increases process efficiency, reduces energy usage, improves building appearance, controls noise and condensation and protects personnel:

  • Above-and below-ambient insulation
  • Cryogenic and high-temperature insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Vapor barriers, tapes and mastics
  • Fasteners
  • Finishes and jackets
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Fire-prevention materials
  • Sheet metal and HVAC materials

Connect with the Industry

Meet new people, network with key industry leaders and discover business opportunities

No other event will provide this level of detail and depth into thermal insulation and related accessories. It is an opportunity to learn exactly how insulation can greatly improve your bottom line, offer ROI, protect your employees and reduce environmental impact.

Build your Resources

Based on your interests, our matchmaking program will connect you with exhibitors who provide the products and solutions you need.

Energy-efficiency has become a top priority for industrial and commercial facilities. IEX allows you to see first-hand the products that will help transform your facility into one that is greener, cleaner and impacts the bottom line.

Learning Opportunities from Industry Experts

Earn valuable Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and learn about commercial and industrial trends, energy efficiency and more.

IEX USA aims to provide attendees with the information they need to improve facilities through proper design, installation and maintenance of insulation. Educational learning opportunities include: Product Demos, Presentations, New Technologies and Workshops.

Exhibitor Spotlight

Name: Rick Seely
Title: Executive Vice President
Company: Edge-Sweets Company [ESCO]
Site: www.edge-sweets.com

  • How has your company evolved into what it is today?
    We are known for our focus on customer needs. Most all of our engineered advancements and new products are driven by our clients.
  • Can you describe three aspects that have allowed your company to succeed?
    For more than one hundred years we have been customer driven. We start the basic concept of developing products in response to specific needs. Then as our clients grow with increased needs for capacity and technology, we grow with them, staying in step with their growth and forming long term strategic relationships.
  • What distinguishes your company from others in the industry?
    We do not dictate solutions, but work with our clients to better understand how we can partner with them for current and future needs.
  • Where do you see the industry going in the next 10 years?
    The industry will be looking for a more automated approach to production that allows for predictable and measurable results that are easy to duplicate with redundant and dependable systems.
  • What don’t most people realize about you or your company?
    ESCO Sales has spent the past decade, and more, working with and understanding the needs of pipe insulation fabricators and we understand the language and demands of the business. We understand the need for flexibility with many types of insulation materials such as Foamglas, mineral wool, poly-iso, XPS, EPS, and many others. Not only do we supply the technology for automated cutting of pipe insulation, we train our clients how to use the latest in technologies to gain the best utilization of product and to have an automatic report that give the amount of raw material need to complete a job.
  • What are you looking forward to at Insulation Expo this year?
    Although our profile machines all around the world, we are looking forward to the opportunity of sharing our technologies with a global audience in a condensed environment.

Exhibitor Spotlight

Company: Johns Manville
Site: www.jm.com

  • How has the industry changed/evolved?
    The Industrial insulation industry has experienced extensive consolidation at all levels over the past several years. This consolidation has occurred on the part of the owners, manufacturers, contractors and distributors. It has changed the ways many of us do business and will continue to change our future business models.
  • What is your company’s biggest success thus far?
    The biggest thing that has contributed to Johns Manville’s success is our recognition that there is not one single industrial insulation material that will solve all insulation needs. The "silver bullet" doesn’t exist yet, so we realize that to be the true Master Manufacturer of industrial insulation in North America, we must offer multiple products to the industry.
  • What distinguishes your company from others in the industry?
    Johns Manville manufactures fiberglass, calcium silicate, thin blanket, perlite, and mineral wool. Since no one solution is best for every application, Johns Manville has a family of products to meet the needs of specific applications.
  • What is the biggest challenge in your industry?
    The biggest challenge in our industry is to continue to develop new products and to improve existing products in a mature industry.
  • What don’t most people realize about you or your company?
    Most people don’t realize that in 2002 the formula for Thermo-12® Gold (calcium silicate) was enhanced with the proprietary corrosion inhibition package referred to as the XOX Corrosion Inhibitor®. Just this year, Thermo-12 Gold evolved a step further to be the first water-resistant calcium silicate in North America. Now branded Thermo-1200™ it is a leading choice for defending against CUI. We’ll be doing a product demo of this new product at IEX.
  • What are you looking forward to at Insulation Expo this year?
    New technological advancements.
  • Is there anything that you would like to specifically see at IEX 2017?
    More end users and engineers

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